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Firefly generate a photo of ocean city marylands coastline during sunrise with wind turbin

Protect Ocean City, Maryland from Wind Turbines

Wind turbines have a hidden dark side. They disrupt local ecosystems, threatening wildlife like whales, birds, and bats. The noise and vibrations cause stress and health issues for nearby communities. Construction and maintenance destroy habitats and alter landscapes. With a limited lifespan, they also create waste and pollution. While renewable energy is important, we must recognize the hidden costs of wind turbines on our coastline.


Learn how wind turbines destroy landscapes, disrupt local wildlife, and generate pollution.

The towering structures will scar our precious coastline



Our coast line will be cluttered with massive structures that are 3x the size of the Statue of Liberty. Say goodbye to uninterrupted sunrises.



The turbines can whale deaths, plus birds and bats fly right into the rotating blades. This will put precious wildlife at risk including species that are already endangered.


Noise Pollution

The quiet, peaceful Ocean City that we know and love will be impacted by constant noise radiating from the movement of the blades. 



Wind turbines require significant land area, resources, and energy. To maintain the massive structures, our OC Fishing Center and Marina would be reconstructed to accommodate commercial boats.


Wind turbines are planned for installation

A single wind turbine stands 3x taller than the Statue of Liberty.



Acres of ocean floor destroyed 

Dozens of whales washing up on our shores...

Increasing numbers of conservation groups now allege that severely endangered North American Right Whale mothers and their young calves are being killed by having their hearing blown out by foreign-owned wind turbine company ships using seismic blasts to test the sea floor. After testing they intend to destroy 400 square acres of fragile sea floor for EACH of the hundreds of industrial turbines planned to be placed on our beach front.  Dozens and dozens of dead whales, dolphins, and other sea life have been washing up on our shores in direct correlation with the areas of activity of these wind turbine company ships. 

The only help we can give them is to call and email our Federal, State, and Local officials to voice our concern to save our precious ocean, our natural resources, our tourism industry, and our beautiful town for future generations. 

Take Action

Call daily and don’t stop. Your calls are tallied and we need to let our elected officials know that we are more powerful than their foreign donors who plan to rob us of our resources with no care for our community or wildlife. 


Maryland Governor’s Office




The turbine farms and high power lines can potentially wipe out a protected Atlantic Horseshoe Crab sanctuary. 

The blood from horseshoe crabs are used to test the safety of vaccines. This is why The Schuster Horseshoe Crab Sanctuary is considered so vital, that no one is allowed to catch a horseshoe crab in that area. Now this cartel of wind companies intends to place their turbine farms directly in this fragile habitat, with no studies of impact.


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